How-to: Seed Loading the First Backup

How to Seed Load the First Full Backup

RBackup usually does a full backup for the first backup in a new Backup Set, and often the first backup from a new client is huge. If done online it can take days or weeks to finish. A good alternative to speed up the process is to seed-load the first backup using a portable USB drive instead of doing it online.

Even if you select Incremental as the Backup Type, or BitBackup, or Differential, RBackup will usually do a full backup for the first one. After the first full backup it will switch automatically to the selected backup type for all future backups.

The RBackup endpoint software has a feature on the Run menu of the Advanced Interface, called “Copy to Disk.” This is the seed-load function. Here’s how to use it.

· Plug a formatted USB drive into the computer you want to back up.

· Run the RBackup endpoint software. (Note: The Endpoint should have an Internet connection, and it should already be registered with its RBS Server.)

· Open the Advanced Interface if it’s not already open. (Options : Switch to Advanced Interface)

· Select the Backup Set you want to run from the pulldown menu.

· Select Run : Copy to Disk

· Select the USB Drive and click OK.

· Click Yes to confirm.

· Wait for the backup process to complete. Click the “Close” button if asked.

· Unplug the USB drive and take it to the Server.

At the RBS Server console, run the RBS Server Manager from the desktop. Answer “No” if asked to launch the Web Console.

· Click the Accounts button.

· Find the account for the endpoint you want to import.

· Right-click the account and select Import Data.

· Click the file explorer button (two dots)

· Select the location of the USB drive and the folder containing your backup.

· Press OK and wait for the import to complete.

After the import has completed, the first full backup will be stored on the Server and can be restored online when needed. All subsequent backups of this Backup Set will be incremental, and done online.

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