My RBS Server Stopped! Now What?

With the increasing popularity of virtualization, some of our Partners find that when they move their RBS Server to a different VM the server stops with errors. You might get error EXP1, N100, or some other error, but in all cases the RBS Server stops running. This is by design.

The RBS Server contains a security feature designed to prevent more than one server running on the same serial number to avoid conflicts with the Server Locator, the Hotsite feature, and to protect you from someone using your serial number without authorization. It’s necessary for reliability and security purposes. The same issue can be triggered by an unexpected reboot (as a result of a power failure, or a Windows update) or by network instability.

Even so, it can be a little scary when the server stops and you can’t restart it. However, never fear, there’s a quick and easy fix for this, and you don’t have to call Tech Support.

First, when you move your RBS Server from one computer to another or from one VM to another, be sure you follow the instructions here.

If it’s too late and you didn’t know there was a special procedure for moving an RBS Server, it’s still easy to fix by following the instructions here.


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Pinku Bharathi /

Pinku is the CEO of Remote Backup Systems. He held the position of CTO for eleven years before taking this position.