Hot Fun in the Summertime | Experiment #1


It is H-O-T today in Memphis, TN. We’ve already been issued an Excessive Heat Advisory, but luckily our AC is trucking along just fine…

Weather reports are saying that we’ve hit a record high temperature of 102 degrees, tying the old record of 102 set in 1901 and 1947. And the day is not even over yet!

With a heat index of 120 degrees, we decided to bear the heat (for just a minute) and try a little experiment.

So, can you really fry an egg on the sidewalk? Here is the first of our attempts:

First, we heated oil in a pan (just like mom used to make…)

Then, we cracked two eggs (free range, organic – of course)

Next, we waited…

Unfortunately the rain clouds moved in soon after. So, our conclusion today is that if you crack two eggs in a pan in 102 degree heat, you can make it rain.

Fortunately, nothing went to waste, as we have three little pups who politely asked for a treat…

Tune in tomorrow to see Experiment #2…


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