IntroMojo: New Sales Tool Makes Prospecting Easier

The sales world is buzzing with the launch of IntroMojo, an online tool that compiles key information about your prospects and serves it up to you in a snazzy looking website.

The information it provides is already accessible on the web and isn’t that revelatory, but who cares? What has us and the rest of the sales world excited is how convenient it is. It is one-stop searching for the background data you need to know before engaging with your prospect.

So how does it work?

Go to IntroMojo and sign up (there is a 14-day free trial, then it’s $25/month for 50 searches). Then, start searching.

The magic of IntroMojo is the back-end work it does for you. It compiles all of the data readily available from the web and social networking sites and serves it up. In a matter of seconds. And, if it can’t locate your prospect right away, it will ask a series of questions to refine its search to find exactly who you’re looking for.

Once IntroMojo locates your prospect, you can view all of the following on one page:

• How They Can Be Reached
• What You Need To Know
• Groups They’ve Joined
• Places They’ve Worked
• Where They Went To School
• What They’re Talking About
• What They’re Watching
• What They’re Writing
• Videos They’ve Posted
• Products They’ve Reviews
• People They’ve Connected To
• Places to Find Them On Web
• And More

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

It is the timesaving convenience that makes this a must-have sales tool. Sales people can leverage what they learn from IntroMojo to make a more meaningful connection with their prospect—and fast.

We recommend you give it a try! Go to to find out more.

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