Offer an Online Backup Service to SMBs Plus Business Continuity Assurance

For small and medium businesses (SMBs), being prepared means being ready for any type of disaster. The obvious impacts of a loss of data can be devastating. Most SMBs can’t sustain productivity after a collapse of technology. In fact, the chance of a business surviving after such a loss is a slim chance, at best. Going a day, a week, a month without critical data causes a forceful blow to productivity that many cannot endure.

As an Online Backup Service Provider, you can offer SMBs an affordable yet profitable service that can literally mean the difference between the life and death of their business.

Even after the devastating effects of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, nearly half of SMBs are still performing incorrect backups. Many are still opting for tape backups, a practice that is quickly becoming antiquated, even with advancements in the technology. On the flip side, offsite backup technology has made great strides to effectively secure your data online automatically at a price that is easy to justify.

Offering an offsite backup option backed with technology such as RBackup allows you to target the SMB market easily because you are able to offer a superior product crucial to the SMB industry. In addition, supporting highly marketable features particularly beneficial for SMBs will set you apart from the competition.

  • Offer several Government-sanctioned encryption schemes
  • Offer off-site automated, unattended backups with status updates via email notification
  • Offer real-time file restoration capabilities
  • Offer remote web restoration capabilities
  • Offer competitive pricing for your clients for a service that is continuously being testing and improved
  • Offer redundant backups of the same files at different points in their development
  • Offer brick-level support for live Microsoft Exchange databases, multiple-instance support for live SQL databases and automatic remote updates to the RBackup client software.

Automation and centralized management of your backups is the only infallible way to eliminate the risks associated with safeguarding data. Offering a fully-managed backup service to your customers allows you to focus on delivering a value-added service to SMBs, designed to help them meet their critical business needs.

While this is the time of year for coastal residents to prepare for possible natural disasters, RBS hopes to encourage safe computer practices to avoid the many other threats for which SMBs are at risk every day. Hardware failure, viral attacks, and deliberate sabotage top the list of possible dangers.

SMBs take many risks, but losing data due to ineffective backup practices shouldn’t be one of them. Offer your clients a reliable backup option with services that are tailed to their needs, increasing your own profitability and customer satisfaction.

About Remote Backup Systems Inc.

Remote Backup Systems, Inc. offers turnkey Online Backup solutions starting at $500, capable of serving hundreds of thousands of end users. RBS is the global leader in providing turnkey online backup software solutions to MSPs, VARs, ISPs and Managed Hosting Providers, providing leading edge functionality, best-in-class customer support, and an unwavering commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction. With a twenty-one year history in Remote Backup technologies, RBS is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

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