RBackup v11 Coming Soon…

Most of you don’t have direct access to our hardworking developers. They prefer to work more behind the scenes, so we just keep them locked up most of the time.  The reality is that our developers are some of the most hardworking dudes we know. They love the industry and take a lot of pride in our product.

For the past six months our guys have been hard at work developing our latest major release, RBackup version 11. It’s the most significant update we’ve released to the public in a long time and we are all pretty excited about it. Not that we’re over here patting ourselves on the back for a job well done or anything, we’re simply too busy for that.

Version 11 (or Version Eleven, which looks way cooler in graphics) offers a whole heck of a lot more features and upgrades than v10 could even touch. For starters, we will no longer be using our original “client” based licensing model. With the new release we will offer a new “credit system.”

Existing Service Providers please put down your weapons! This is a seamless upgrade for you! I repeat, SEAMLESS! RBS Servers will automatically be converted to the new Credits system upon installation of Version 11, and will receive 4 credits for every User license. For example, a 100-User system will become a 400-Credit system.

The licensing works by installing the Client software which uses Credits on the server, depending on the edition of the Client software installed. We will now offer three types of Client software – for Windows servers, for desktops and for personal machines. The RBS Server manages recycling Credits the same way it does Clients – deleting an account returns credits to the available pool. This allows Service Providers to distribute Client software at a fraction of the cost it is now.

Another big “TA-DAH” feature in Version 11 is the addition of free trial accounts. Free trial accounts can be very useful in marketing your service. These trial accounts will not deplete your server of paid credits, are automatically suspended after a configurable 1 to 30 days, and are limited to a maximum of 10GB.

With all new software purchases of Pro Pack Editions and higher, you will also receive our brand new Web Manager. The feature-filled Web Manager provides full Server and user control on the web. We’re also releasing a new E-Commerce PlugIn, which integrates web based registration, billing, credit card processing, and software deployment. Existing Service Providers will be able to purchase these PlugIns to integrate into their systems.

Finally, RBS will soon offer Cloud-Drive.com Cloud Mirroring. This will give you the option to mirror your RBS Server’s user data and configuration files to RBS’ Cloud-Drive service in Amazon.com’s global data centers for a small monthly fee. Your RBS Server will be mirrored over SSL to Cloud-Drive during off-peak hours, usually during the daytime. Your RBS Server can be restored from Cloud-Drive over the Internet. Cool, huh??

Our developers are anticipating a release of Version 11 later this month as beta testing has been going very well. The upgrade will be available to Service Providers with current support subscriptions and all new software purchases will be distributed with this version.

This is all great, right? OK, here’s the down side. When we release version 11, we have to raise prices. BUT, to soften the blow, we are running a 20% sale during June, and everyone who purchases during June will get the version 11 upgrade with the Web Manager at no additional charge. SO, buy your software before June 20 for a 20% discount plus the Web Manager when it is released.

Email me if you want more information. liz@remote-backup.com.

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