Unlocking Social Media for P.R.

We just finished reading PR Newswire’s latest ebook called Unlocking Social Media for P.R. Their master blogger and social media expert, Sarah Skerik penned the ebook from a series of her compelling blog entries. The result is an excellent resource for any marketers looking to jump in (at last) to the social media pool.

Skerik offers some excellent advice on the big three: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Not only does she recommend at what level of engagement you should start with, she also throws in some key advice about how best to leverage the strengths of each channel. Yes, they are all very different and it is the powerful combination of the three that will yield the most effective results for your PR engine.
Some of our favorite takeaways:
  • LISTEN first.  Don’t publish a single tweet, status update, or post until you have really listened to the conversation. Skerik recommends starting out by following your favorite brands and studying their social media technique for some time.
  • Learn from the best. Skerik gives us three companies to watch on Facebook. Each has a presence that stimulates Wall conversation and offers shareworthy content in a way that is unique to their brand. Follow these companies to learn what works best and how to tweak your own approach.
  • Be succinct. The tighter the message, the better the Tweet. Keep it short, sweet, and to the point and your Tweets will earn re-Tweeting. Scheduling Tweets is acceptable, says Skerik, but craft each with a different angle to ensure your coverage appeals across your entire audience.
  • Don’t ignore LinkedIn. Skerik reminds us that LinkedIn is completely unique because it allows users to more specifically define their interests and align themselves with their professional peers. This is an invaluable resource for targeted PR.

Get your copy of PR Newsire’s free ebook Unlocking Social Media for P.R. today. It is full of excellent, real-world tips as well as links to supplemental blog posts if you want to dive in further to a particular topic. Best of all, it’s free.

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