Who Needs MythBusters? Marketers have MarketingExperiments.com!

If you haven’t yet visited MarketingExperiments.com, we’d like to introduce you to this fantastic group of researchers whose self-proclaimed goal is: to discover what really works in optimization. The team focuses, “…all of our experimentation on optimizing marketing communications.”

To that end they offer a quarterly journal, online training, and more. Some are for free, some you have to pay for, but the journal (free, yay!) is well-worth subscribing to and provides some pretty great marketing insights. Attention: if you are a data and research enthusiast, this is the marketing resource for you. So much testing, so little time!

A few key takeaways from Q2’s journal:

• MarketingExperiments labs discovered a HUGE conversion increase from tying online efforts to an offline campaign. The kicker is there wasn’t a direct correlation between the two. The journal shows you step-by-step how it played out.

• Any organization can achieve measurable success with one-to-one marketing, no matter what level it currently functions at, including detailed examples from real-world experiments to show us how.

• An excellent overview of the key differences between Web Designer and Web Developer that every marketing professional should understand before undertaking any web initiative of any kind.

There is much more in the 132-page download. You can find it here at marketingexperiments.com

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