Ad Hock Online Backup Technical Webinar Scheduled. Vote Here for the Topic.

Hi everyone,

We have had some requests for free technical webinars. I would like to produce the first one on Thursday of next week, February 16, at 9 AM US Central Time.

I can do anything you like, so let’s vote on it, and I will do the first one on a topic that you decide.

We will keep the Webinar to an hour, and it will be interactive throughout. You will be able to ask questions by typing them, and we will answer as best we can.

Space is limited to 60 attendees. Please answer the survey below and then register for the first event at this link:

We will not be able to answer questions related to specific technical support problems, or sales and marketing – just general topics. Please vote below.





 Register for the Webinar here:

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Steve Roberts is VP of Engineering at Remote Backup Systems (, developers of the RBackup Online Backup software platform, providing software powering more than 9,500 Service Providers in 65 countries since 1987.