Great Customer Service Idea from a Pest Control Company

Here’s a great customer service idea that I learned from a pest control service. Not only did this make me feel great about Terminix, but it will potentially save them some money.

I switched my pest control service to Terminix because I was dissatisfied with my current service, and I received a discount coupon in the mail. I had an ant problem. I phoned, and within just a few minutes had set up a termite contract and quarterly servicing.

The bug guy came out a few days later. A few days after he left I received a package by mail, which I wasn’t expecting. The package contained a spray bottle of eco-friendly bug spray that worked and smelled great, and a short pamphlet with a thank you note.

The note explained that I could use this spray whenever I saw bugs, as an immediate solution instead of phoning for a bug guy to come out and waiting for him. The stuff is also dog-safe and kid-safe. I already mentioned that it smells great.

What a great idea! Terminix spent maybe $5 on this stuff, and the postage and printing. They sent me an unexpected present (which is always good,) they gave me an immediate solution, potentially saving me a half day off work to meet a bug guy, and they potentially saved themselves the cost of one or more service calls.

This worked out great for everyone.

As it turned out my ant problem DID resurface the day I received the bottle of bug spray, and I handled it myself instead of calling them to come back out.

How can we as Online Backup Service Providers use this technique in our businesses? Maybe send out a CD with some free virus software, or disk optimization software, or just a thank you note and a couple of movie tickets?




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