Letting your Online Backup Software Maintenance Subscription Lapse Can Be a Costly Mistake


In 2006 RBS published version 8.53 of RBackup, and it became a superstar. Everyone loved it, and some decided it was good enough to run forever. They stopped paying for their Maintenance Subscriptions, which for some proved a costly mistake. There are currently thousands of end users running old, out of date backup software, putting their data at risk.

Online Backup CEO Rob Cosgrove

Rob Cosgrove, CEO Remote Backup Systems

Version 8.53 WAS a great release. It was the first release that contained some of our most popular features – support for open files, BitBackup, automatic upgrades, and more; and letting it run forever would be OK if the same customers hadn’t continued to upgrade their operating systems and application software, and added new applications.

But they did, and now they have up to date operating systems and applications being serviced by antique backup software not designed for more modern environments, and in some cases this is putting data at risk.

For example, in the past six years Microsoft has made major changes in the way we back up Exchange and Open Files. RBackup version 8.53 was published well before these Microsoft changes, and was not designed to back up the newer files. So, customers still using v8.53 might not be getting good backups.

RBS publishes software upgrades about every three months, and sooner if we have to respond to a security threat or a Windows upgrade. Our development staff keeps up with the latest operating systems and application requirements to make sure we can back them up flawlessly. We spend about one quarter of our development budget constantly monitoring, testing, and writing upgrades required by Microsoft and other software vendors.

If your Maintenance Subscription lapses, you lose access to these upgrades and you put your customers and your reputation at risk. By maintaining your Maintenance Subscription you ensure that you have up to date software and your customers remain protected with the latest backup software.

Renew your Maintenance Subscription as soon as you get an email notice or a phone call from RBS. Then upgrade your end users as soon as we publish a new version.

If you don’t know when your Maintenance Subscription expires you can phone RBS, or look on the Help:About screen of your RBS Manager.


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