Napa Area RBS Online Backup Partners – Hot Sites available on the Partner’s Portal – Emergency Phone Number

This morning’s earthquake in Napa, Northern California, caused utility and Internet outages in the area. Remote Backup Systems’ free emergency hot sites for our Online Backup Partners are available now.

Log into your Portal account at to activate your hot site. (requires RBackup Server and Clients v11.10.004 or greater) If your RBS Server is offline, your clients will automatically back up to your Portal account, resulting in no loss of backups.

If you cannot reach your Portal account because of internet outages, Call our emergency phone number 901-313-8677 and we will activate for you.


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Steve Roberts is VP of Engineering at Remote Backup Systems (, developers of the RBackup Online Backup software platform, providing software powering more than 9,500 Service Providers in 65 countries since 1987.