New RBackup Upgrade – v11.16.006 Now Available

RBackup v11.16.007 has been posted for download. This release contains a few new features and tweaks, and twenty important fixes. We strongly recommend that our Partners upgrade to this version ASAP.

This upgrade is available to Partners with active Maintenance Subscriptions. If your subscription has expired, you can request a quote for renewal at this link or you can phone us at (901) 405-1234, or email

This upgrade is available on the Partner’s Portal.

New: A Registry key has been added to define the value of one kilobyte as either 1000 bytes or 1024 bytes. This improves the accuracy of some of the reports. The value is based on a registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Quantum Tech, Inc.\RBSServer\RBSMgr

QuotaCon – 1000 or 1024

New: A Log Level control has been added to the Endpoint interface.

New:  “Connecting” status has been added to the Endpoint’s backup log.

New: Changes were made to the Disaster Recovery module to fetch the latest Endpoint catalog ten times faster than before.

New: An “override temp share” has been added for Exchange servers.

New: While backing up an Exchange server, the RBackup Endpoint will now check the temp path and recreate it if necessary. This is controlled with the registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Quantum Tech, Inc.\Remote Backup\Plugins\Exchange Server\

OverrideTempShare=True (By default is False)

Fix: Backup Schedule issues with Windows Task scheduler fixed.

Fix: Validation issue in SQL plug-in backup

Fix: Delete Backup Set orphaned records are now completely cleared from path and LongPaths256

Fix: Type Mismatch Error 13 in NGClient.

Fix: Server side restore – fixed a decompression issue.

Fix: Updates were made to the restore module.

Fix: Updates were made to Endpoint transfer module to avoid Server overloading.

Fix: Restore – Clear button now resets all filters and clears already marked files.

Fix: File count mismatch on Resume Backup fixed.

Fix: Endpoint catalog sync issues with the Endpoint when using the SQL back-end fixed.

Fix: Server-side Restore – Changed the log file name format from RestoreLog.log to RestoreLog.log_xxxx.log and placed it to RBS Server installation folder.

Fix: Disaster Recovery log is now kept in Endpoint’s installation folder.

Fix: Registration issues when using the DES encryption key fixed.

Fix: Endpoint Quota report in the Web Manager and RBS Manager are now merged with the Disk Resources Report

Fix: The Disaster Recovery option in the Web Manager will no longer prompt “New Registration or Disaster Recovery”

Fix:  Rare issue of account group not updated in key file fixed.

Fix: RBS Server restores issues with endpoints while using the SQL backend fixed.

Fix: Partial Backup missing from Web Manager logs fixed.

Fix: Web Manager user registration form validation issue fixed.

Fix: Error – 0 in Exchange 2010 fixed.


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