New Resource: The Marketers Guide to Salesforce

HubSpot just released “The Marketers Guide to Salesforce”filled with insights to help marketers more effectively use Salesforce. And we are happy to report, it was written by marketers.
As champions of sales and marketing integration since our inception in 2001, we understand aligning marketing and sales efforts has never been more important.
In fact, a 2010 study by the Aberdeen Group found that companies with strong alignment between sales and marketing achieved 20% annual revenue growth, compared to a 4% decline in annual revenues for companies with poor alignment.
To that end, we recommend HubSpot’s guide as another terrific resource to offer the marketing perspective on a very popular sales tool.
Great tips include:
  • Send only sales ready leads to Salesforce. Why? Your sales team doesn’t have to wade through hundreds of leads to find the ones they should be working. 
  • Use explicit and implicit data to determine when leads are ready to pass to sales. But make sure that sales and marketing agree on the criteria before implementing it within Salesforce. 
  • Use data your sales team enters in Salesforce to better inform marketing communications. Sales conversations will reveal information that will improve segmentation, lead scoring and personalized content.
There is much more in this 49-page guide, we recommend you download your own copy today. And read through to the end, where Hubspot provides a handy glossary called, “Salesforce Terminology in Plain English.”

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