Online Backup Best Practices – 1.5 in a Series of 5

Rob Cosgrove, CEO Remote Backup Systems

I got a little ahead of myself. After I wrote this series of articles it occurred to me that I didn’t write anything to explain it. So, here’s the Prequel.

As an Online Backup consultant, MSP, Service Provider, or whatever you call yourself, you are in the business of protecting your customers’ important data assets with your online backup service and your expertise.

Anyone can buy software and start an online backup service. That’s the easy part (as long as you pick the right software – hint: mine.)  However, in order to be really successful you have to set yourself apart from those who only have software. This includes all those cheap $5/month services.

The cheap $5/month services cannot afford to spend time with their customers designing a proper backup strategy that will protect their data adequately. You can offer a far better service at a higher price by providing more than just an automated online backup service. Give your customers a data backup expert – you!

This series of articles starts you out with some good advice on best practices for online backup. These are things that will make you competitive. Your customers will be more satisfied and confident. They will recommend your services, and you will increase your customer retention.

Don’t be afraid of the $5/month cheap services – and don’t try to compete with them on price. Even they aren’t making any money yet after investing millions of dollars. Charge a reasonable amount for your superior service.

Here are some calculators that can help you set your prices.

Enjoy the series of articles.


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Rob Cosgrove is the President of Remote Backup Systems, founder of the Online Backup Industry, and a vocal advocate for maintaining the highest standards in Online Backup software. His latest book, the Online Backup Guide for Service Providers: How to Start and Operate an Online Backup Service, is available online now, on, and at bookstores.

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