Online Backup Company Remote Backup Systems Activates Emergency Hot Sites for Partners

Meteorologists expect tropical storm Gaston to become a hurricane by the coming weekend, perhaps becoming the first major hurricane in the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season, which started on June 1.

RBS Partners in coastal areas are encouraged to make use of your Emergency Hot Sites if necessary. Hot Sites are free of charge to any RBS Partner with an active Maintenance Subscription.

To activate, log into the Partner’s Portal at and turn on your hot site using the Hot Site switch on the first page. Within an hour we will provision a Hot Site for you in our data center. You will receive an email when your Hot Site is ready for use.

We will monitor your RBS Server and if it goes offline your clients will transfer to your Hot Site for their backups, ensuring that they experience no disruption in service.

You can renew your Maintenance Subscription at our main website, or you can contact us by phone or email to renew.

You can reach us here:

(901) 405-1234


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Steve Roberts is VP of Engineering at Remote Backup Systems (, developers of the RBackup Online Backup software platform, providing software powering more than 9,500 Service Providers in 65 countries since 1987.