Online Backup Hotsite Online During Frankenstorm


by Kat Cosgrove

Yesterday evening, Hurricane Sandy/East Coast Super Storm/Frankenstorm made landfall. New York City is nearly shut down, it’s snowing in West Virginia, and this guy rode a jet ski through a flooded New Jersey neighborhood.

Along the East coast, 7.4 million people are currently without power. The worst of the storm is over, but winds with gusts up to 75MPH are expected to continue for the next day or two as the storm gradually loses power during her slow creep across Pennsylvania and up into Western New York.

The Huffington Post was down for a time, Buzzfeed is slowly coming back online, and the Gawker Media Network is still down (but re-directing to their Tumblr page).

There is nothing we can do to eliminate property damage in the face of nature’s destruction, but we can minimize data loss. The roof caving in, flood waters shorting out all of your equipment, does not have to mean the destruction of your business.

While relief workers were up all night working tirelessly to renew power or provide shelter, our CEO, Rob Cosgrove, was up all night working to transfer 672 individual clients to our Emergency Hot Site Servers. That’s 672 businesses that will not lose their data as a result of this storm.

The Hot Site Service is live during disasters, and allows RBS Partners to temporarily re-route their clients’ backups to our data centers. If they lose power or Internet, backups will start running to us. Once the disaster is over and power has been restored, Partners can simply download the backups and resume normal business.

If there is an alternate location unaffected by the disaster, and it is safe to move, the Partner also has the option to physically move the server to the alternate location, at which point the Server Locator Service will automatically re-direct all clients to the new location. Both options are invaluable to Partners and their clients.

No other online backup software company provides these extra levels of protection.

Unfortunately, some businesses will lose their data as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Only 15% of small businesses use an online backup service, with the remaining 85% using tape backups, external hard drives, or nothing at all.

This storm will serve as an unfortunate reminder that losses do not always come in the form of a failed hard drive or an office burning down. Sometimes simple lack of access to office computers can be very expensive. Online backups can make data easily available at alternate locations.

When the continued success of a company relies on the integrity of a backup and access to data, the best option is always to go with an online backup service from a company powered by Remote Backup Systems.


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