Online Backup Software for MSPs now with New Pricing and Licensing Models

Remote Backup Systems has just released a new Software Rental license and in-house financing. With the new Rental option, MSPs can start their own in-house online backup service for as little as $78/month, hosting their own backup servers and customer data completely in-house.

“This is a great alternative to simply reselling someone else’s online backup service,” explains Rob Cosgrove, Founder and CEO, “Instead of giving your profits to someone else, you get to keep them yourself, and offer a much higher level of service to your customers.”

Since 1987 Remote Backup Systems has delivered self-hosted Online Backup solutions to more than 9,000 MSPs and other computer professionals worldwide. The software is white labeled – completely brandable – and can be custom configured for every need with more than five hundred editable properties.

“The landscape is changing for our traditional customers, MSPs who want to host their own backups. More of them these days want pricing that grows with them; that starts out small and grows as they do, only as they need more resources,” says Cosgrove, “We’re adding the new license model to our existing menu of choices to give them more solutions.”

Most of RBS’ Partners still opt for the traditional one-time purchase model with a perpetual license. They purchase the software outright, they own it, and they aren’t required to continue to pay fees to RBS. The endpoint licenses automatically recycle as endpoints are added and removed from service, so they don’t have to buy more until they add more customers than they have licenses.

The new Rental option lets Partners rent software for monthly fees starting at just $78/month for 10 endpoints. There are no contracts, and you can stop any time. The rental fee includes Maintenance and Support, and software upgrades.

Full turnkey software packages are available now with perpetual licenses for prices ranging from $699 for 10 endpoints up to $6999 for 400 endpoints. Bigger packages are available. Interest-free financing is available.

RBS also offers a Subscription License, where you can pay monthly only for the licenses you use. This might be an even less expensive option for some Partners. Your price increases only as your business grows.

For those who don’t want to manage their own in-house server, RBS even offers dedicated cloud server rental, fully installed and configured, starting at $150 per month.

For more information, have a look at this “How to Buy” page that lists all purchase options.


Remote Backup Systems is in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. They can be contacted by phone at (901) 405-1234, by email at, and on the web at


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Steve Roberts is VP of Engineering at Remote Backup Systems (, developers of the RBackup Online Backup software platform, providing software powering more than 9,500 Service Providers in 65 countries since 1987.