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In the wake of the public disclosures about data being stolen from online storage companies and published, we’re getting calls from Partners who want to know if RBackup protects their users’ data better than our more visible colleagues.

The answer is yes. All data backed up to our Partners’ data centers is encrypted, compressed, and digitally signed before being transmitted over the Internet. All data remains encrypted, compressed and signed while in storage.

The files are protected by encryption keys assigned by (and known only to) the end users themselves, and the keys are never sent to the Server. As long as they use a strong encryption key, their data is safe.

Most of our Partners use encryption technology that protects data up to 256-bits and even up to 448 bits of encryption. Bruce Schneier, developer of the Blowfish encryption algorithm, estimates that it would take power equal to the entire energy output of the sun to break just a 197 bit encryption.

The takeaway – RBS’ RBackup Online Backup software is the safest, most secure Online Backup system on the planet. Select a strong encryption key, or for best practice let RBackup select a statistically perfect key for you. Your data will be safe.

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Rob Cosgrove is President of Remote Backup Systems, developers of the fully brandable RBackup Online Backup software platform, powering more than 9,500 Service Providers, MSPs and VARs wordwide since 1987. He is the founder of the Online Backup industry and author of several books, the most recent, "The Online Backup Guide for Service Providers", available at and bookstores.