Online Backup Software RBackup v11.10.004 Released


Today RBS released the latest RBackup, version 11.10.004. This release contains updates to database agents, some exciting new features, enhancements to the Full Image Backup agent, a new Portal Connector that can back up your RBS Server to the Partner’s Portal, and an enhancement to the RBackup Client software to support Portal’s new Hot Site.

Partners with active Maintenance Subscriptions can download this update at the Partner’s Portal

Portal Connector

This new service automatically backs up your RBS Server’s critical files into the RBS Cloud so you can restore your RBS Server with all of its settings intact if you need to rebuild it after a disaster. Upgrade to the latest version to install it, and contact RBS by email at to activate it.

Portal Hot Site(BETA)

We have installed high capacity Hot Site servers and made them available free of charge to anyone with an active Maintenance Subscription.

Beginning with this version, RBackup Clients can automatically fail over to Portal Hot Sites if they cannot reach their RBS Servers because of an Internet outage, power problem, or some other issue. Partners can turn this feature on and off in the Portal. Portal Hot Sites are OFF by default and must be turned on for use.

This feature takes the place of our Emergency Hot Site, which required some advance notice and a manual failover and recovery. The new Portal Hot Site can be run completely automatically.

End users are not notified, and there is no indication on the Client software that a failover to a Hot Site has occurred. Partners are notified by email when their users fail over to the Hot Site.

Partners can download files backed up to their Hot Sites to their RBS Servers at the Portal’s Hot Site menu.

Portal Hot Site disk space used is allocated from your Portal Quota. Clients must be running at least version 11.10.004.

Change log for v11.10.004:


New: Added automatic exclusions for reserved filenames (PRN, CON, AUX, etc)

New: Added automatic domain name retrieval for Exchange logins.

New: Updated the client’s authentication module to support automatic failover to an RBS Hot Site (if turned on by the Partner).

New: Added automatic Windows Admin login for the Client software to support image backups.

New: Added scheduling to the Full Image Backup so it can now run unattended and scheduled.

New: Added a test for cloud storage availability during image backup, adding an exception in the log and the session$info file.

Mod: Added intelligence to the Full Image Backup utility that allows it to quit when a backup is cancelled manually.

Fix: Fixed the Send Diagnostics feature.

Fix: Corrected an issue with purging old full image backups.

Fix: Corrected an issue with the restore log, which was failing to properly record full image backup sets.

Fix: Made full image backups correctly record their sizes in the Catalog file during preparation.

Fix: Corrected sync of full image backup file size between client and server.

Fix: Corrected saving admin login credentials to task scheduler settings.

Fix: Fixed token data generated to identify a Client installation and prevent installing the same username on different computers.

Fix: Fixed a rare Registration Wizard error in frmBackupSet.LocOptions.

Fix: Fixed a rare issue causing the tray icon to disappear.

Fix: Fixed an issue preventing all backup sets to be listed in the Simple Interface’s dropdown menu.

Fix: Folder structure was sometimes not being created properly on restore redirect.

Fix: Fixed a rare condition causing the RBSUpdate utility to fail to load from the Client interface.


New: Added a Portal Connector. When turned on it monitors the RBS Server and synchronizes its files with the Partner’s Portal. This will support new Portal features like mobile monitoring, reporting and control of RBS Servers, automatic Server backups and failover to the RBS Hot Site, and more.

New: Added a Foreign Login feature to be used to support client auto-failover to an RBS Hot Site.

New: Added Backup Set name to User Sessions Report.

New: Added automatic SQL Import/Export to support the upcoming new Mirror Server.

Fix: Further strengthened a previous fix for a licensing issue.

Fix: Fixed the Send Diagnostics feature.

Fix: Corrected problems with the Email Notifications when reporting on Cloud Backup.

Fix: RBS Server DBConvert had a minor issue updating a table.


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