RBackup 11.16 Online Backup Software Released – Fast – Reliable – Secure – Robust

Version 11.16 is ready to download! We’ve made MAJOR improvements across the board in speed, accuracy, reliability, robustness, and capacity. We’ve improved virtually every program in the suite, concentrating on “hardening” everything.

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For the past six weeks the RBS development team, under the direction of guest Project Manager Mitch Romm (Dr. Backup http://drbackup.net), have been working on a special project to make RBackup stronger, faster, and increase its capacity. It’s been six weeks of late nights, long weekends, development meetings, and testing, and it’s finally ready.

We’ve rewritten the core engines, improving them greatly. We’ve corrected MANY minor annoying buglets and inconsistencies that you have reported. We’ve added new diagnostic tools and auto-correcting error traps. We’ve built a special port scanning analyzer to assist testing your router and firewall.

There’s MUCH more. You can read the entire change log here: http://www.remote-backup.com/updatenotes

RBackup v11.16 is ready to download from the Partner’s Portal at http://portal.remote-backup.com.

Here are some of the things we’ve done.

  • The scan engine has been rewritten. It is now about 30% faster.
  • We’ve added a brand new backup engine, codenamed “NGClient,” that’s faster and more robust.
  • RBackup is now far more resilient, especially when it encounters unusual situations like filenames greater than 256 characters, dismounted drives, unusual date formats, and unicode.
  • RBackup can now back up millions of files. We’ve tested it to seven million.
  • Unicode support is now 100%.
  • We’ve added more advanced error traps and self-explanatory messages to the client log files, making them easier for Partners to understand.
  • We’ve fixed dozens of small bugs like reporting inconsistencies, GUI issues, and more.

We’ve fixed virtually everything you have reported to us, plus everything we found ourselves. I think you will LOVE the new v11.16.



About The Author

Steve Roberts / http://remote-backup.com

Steve Roberts is VP of Engineering at Remote Backup Systems (http://remote-backup.com), developers of the RBackup Online Backup software platform, providing software powering more than 9,500 Service Providers in 65 countries since 1987.