RBackup Online Backup for MSPs Maintenance Release v11.001.006

The latest maintenance release of RBackup was posted for download on August 9, 2010. It contains new features and minor fixes. This is version 11.1.6.

This release is available to Service Providers with active Maintenance Subscriptions. Click Here to download the latest version.

Version 11.001.006
Release Date: August 9 2010

This is a maintenance release that also contains new features.

New Feature, Server: Enhanced ‘ClientToken’ feature to prevent use of one account by multiple Clients. New ‘ClientToken’ field added to server database to store the client footprint used during authentication. Token gets deleted on Uninstall.

New Multilingual Features: Restore module, Backup Progress, Test Connection windows, and system tray modules are now multlingual. (Supported languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, and German)

New Feature: Added option ‘Language’ under Settings in Simple/Standard Interface to switch language. Also added ‘Language’ option in Customize Client Installer under Advanced tab (More Advanced Options).

New Feature: Client database (backup.mdb) migrated to Access 2003 format. This doubles the maximum catalog size. Note: Available for new installations only.

Client Fix: Simple/Standard interface: SQL Server selections were not being stored properly if the entire ‘SQL Server’ node was selected.

Client Fix: Minor fix with ‘Start HelpDesk Session’ menu option in client (Advanced Mode).

Server: Fixed an issue with Bandwidth Throttling. Added a new method of bandwidth throttling. New Registry Key: “OverrideBufferSize” overrides the default Bandwidth Throttle feature. Value – False (default) or True to override the feature.

Installer: Fixed Server installer to reinstall the RBS Server in service mode after upgrade.

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