RBS and other vendors update storage features for virtual servers

Storage features for server virtualization environments got a boost this week with the general availability of VMware’s Infrastructure 3.5. VMware rival Virtual Iron Software brought out version 4.2 of its virtual machine, which includes the ability to dynamically increase disk groups and virtual disks for storage on demand, multipathing features for high availability and disaster recovery, and hot snapshot capabilities. Meanwhile, storage vendors continued to rally around VMware. QLogic has N_Port_ID Virtualization (NPIV) ready to go for the newest release of VMware in its SANblade HBAs. Remote Backup Systems (RBS) announced that its RBackup remote backup software is now compatible with VMware ESX Server.

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Steve Roberts is VP of Engineering at Remote Backup Systems (http://remote-backup.com), developers of the RBackup Online Backup software platform, providing software powering more than 9,500 Service Providers in 65 countries since 1987.