Remote Backup Service Provider Discusses How to Sell the Service

(DAILY NEWS) – Small business owners know that a savvy way to boost sluggish income is to adopt new sales tactics. As it turns out, the sales aspect of the job is the most painful part for many business owners.

The trick is to figure out how to sell comfortably — and continuously.

Your Money talked to three New York City small business owners with worthy tips to share.


The president and founder of midtown-based Backup My Info!, Jennifer Walzer brought lots of technical skills to her online data backup service — but no sales skills.

“I had to learn how to sell,” she said. “I tried a lot of things and didn’t do well.” Buyer resistance was heavy because of the newness of the industry. She realized she had to innovate.

“You can’t just sell the service,” she explained. “You really need to understand why they called you.”

Walzer found that, when people ask about cost early in a conversation, she redirected the conversation to such questions as, “What made you pick up the phone?” and “What’s made you need this type of service?”

She combined this tactic with aggressive networking.

Starting with initial funding of around $175,000, Walzer said her debt-free business now grosses more than $1 million a year.

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