Remote Backup Systems Releases v11.11 of RBackup Online Backup Software


Today we are excited to announce the release of RBackup v11.11. RBackup is the most mature product of its kind, available since 1987. It allows MSPs and other computer professionals to offer fully branded, self-hosted Online Backup services to their clients.

The RBackup v11.11 upgrade is available free of charge to Partners with active Maintenance Subscriptions. It can be downloaded from the Partner’s Portal.

While v11.11 contains some great new features, most of the major changes are behind the scenes, designed to increase speed and capacity.

Check out the highlights below!

“Client” Software is now called “Endpoint” – To avoid confusion, we have changed what we used to call Client software to Endpoints.

Depreciated the RBS Manager – With this release, we begin to retire the RBS Manager console application. All new installations now install our powerful Web Manager and a new Launchpad with more features and better performance. Current users can download the Web Manager free of charge from the Partner’s Portal. The Web Manager can now be self-installed, where previously it required an RBS Engineer to do so.

Improvements to Speed – RBackup will never be as fast as a straight copy because of all the security and privacy features that must be present to comply with various privacy regulations. However, we have improved the speed significantly in many operations.

Improvements to Capacity – We have added features to help increase RBackup’s capacity to handle massive file sets and huge files.

Hyper-V – The Endpoint software now backs up Hyper-V virtual machines when it is run in the Host. Improvements were also made to its VMware module.

MS-SQL for the Endpoint – The Endpoint software’s database can now be changed from MS Access to MS-SQL. This improves its speed and capacity when backing up and restoring huge file sets.

Better Full Image Backups – The Full Image Backup feature now backs up GPT disks as well as MBR. It can also now skip unused space on the drive, making backup files smaller and faster!

Enhanced Multilingual support – The Endpoint software can now support all character types, including Hebrew, Chinese, Hindi, and others. It now also supports all languages in filenames.

Shrinking SQL Files – The Endpoint software can now optionally shrink MS-SQL files after backing them up.

New Daily Backup Status Report – On requests from former Vembu Partners, we have added a new Email Notification sent daily that contains a summary of the previous night’s backups, with a link to the full report.

New Partial Backup Email Notification – A new Email Notification has been added which is sent when a backup finishes partially.

Bug Fixes, Optimizations, Component Upgrades – This release contains many minor bug fixes. It optimizes the performance of some of the features, and it upgrades many of the components. See the full Change Log for details.

There are many more updates. For details, see this link.


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Steve Roberts is VP of Engineering at Remote Backup Systems (, developers of the RBackup Online Backup software platform, providing software powering more than 9,500 Service Providers in 65 countries since 1987.