Remote Backup Systems Welcomes Industry Giants to the Online Backup Market

Remote Backup Systems, Inc. (RBS), developer and distributor of RBackupâ„¢ online backup software on the web at, today congratulated some of the new entrants into the online backup market.

Citing the recent entry of Symantec, IBM, and WebEx, among others, into the bustling online backup services market, RBS views these new entrants as further validation of the market they have been serving for twenty years. The company, which develops online backup software for use by commercial remote backup service providers, projects that these organizations will undoubtedly raise the visibility of online backup service providers worldwide – thereby benefiting RBS’ own global network of over 8000 licensees in 68 countries.

“These companies have excellent marketing resources and have leveraged them for global brand recognition,” commented Tommy Gardner, Director of Sales and Marketing for RBS, “We feel that their entry into this market is a strong indication of the revenue potential of remote data backup services, and will ultimately benefit those who are already offering it.”

Gardner reports that the bulk of RBS’ sales are directly to VARs, ISPs, and other technology service organizations throughout the world that use the RBackup software to offer turnkey, branded online backup services to their clients. The balance of the company’s sales are to organizations that wish to contain their online backup processes in-house, and use the RBackup software to securely back up data to a company-owned offsite server.

“We welcome the visibility that these companies will bring to the service, as our experience tells us that businesses are typically most interested in using a remote backup service provider that is geographically near them.” Gardner continued, “Our network of global licensees is uniquely positioned to provide localized service in virtually every corner of the Earth.”

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Remote Backup Systems, Inc. is the global leader in the distribution of Client and Server software to rapidly deploy a high reliability, high security Internet-based online backup service, and a robust range of support services including national customer referrals. In 1987 RBS designed the world’s first online backup software for microcomputers, which has been available to the public since 1991. With over 8000 remote backup servers active in 68 countries, RBS founded the online data backup industry and leads the market with experience, innovation, and support.

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