Sales and Marketing Tips – Does Your Online Backup Company have a USP?

Every company needs a unique selling proposition – sometimes referred to as a USP. Your USP is made up of those features/benefits that you tell prospects (and existing clients) you do that makes your service special. It differentiates you from the competition and can help you to stand out in a crowded industry.

Recent versions of the Rbackup product now come with an easy-to-use web restore agent. This is a downloadable piece of software that permits an authorized user to securely access their online backup archives WITHOUT having to install or configure the full Rbackup client.

Think about the possible benefits this nifty feature can bring your customers. For example, consider a traveling user who messed up their presentation while editing it on a plane…or the payroll clerk who is “snowed-in” and needs their Quickbooks database to prepare the payroll…or the office worker who just inadvertently overwrote a file – but doesn’t have the ability to do a restore on the company’s server. You get the picture.

The key thing here is to get the word out that your clients are empowered to get their data back 24×7 – from where ever they are…even if you aren’t immediately available!

Put yourself in the place of a client or prospect. How important is it for YOU to be able to get your data at any time, from any location, from any PC? Sounds like a piece of a USP to me!

Below is a “draft” version of a form letter which you could use as a model for telling your clients about the brand new capability.

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Mitch Romm

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Mitch Romm is the Managing Partner of Doctor Backup, LLC and online backup service provider headquartered in Laurel, Maryland. Since 2001, Dr.Backup ( has helped small-mid sized businesses from virtually every major industry to protect their valuable digital assets by delivering secure backups, reliable restores and expert service. Comments? Mitch can be reached by email at



From: Joe Proprietor

Subject: [Best-Backup] Emergency Restore Client Download

Dear Valued Client,

Let’s face it; stuff happens all hours of the day.

Accidents occur. Workers overwrite files. Critical folders go missing. For whatever reason, time is short and you need your data back now!

If only there were a way to gain immediate to access online backups without having to log directly onto the server – or even be in the office.

Now there is.

The Best-Backup Emergency Restore Client (ERC) is a compact, restore-only utility which can be launched from any Windows PC connected to the Internet. It provides secure access to the most recent version of all online backups.

You can download the ERC by logging into the Best-Backup website or you can run a copy of the ERC directly from:

–> <–

When prompted, enter the username, password AND the private ENCRYPTION KEY for the account. A graphical interface then enables you to browse through online archives and select the files or folders to recover. A few mouse clicks later and the information download starts.

When the ERC is closed, it automatically uninstalls itself leaving only the downloaded files.

Secure, real-time access to critical offsite backups is just one way Best-Backup helps you to keep your business moving forward!

Best regards,

Joe Proprietor,

Best-Backup, Inc



support: (999) 555-1212


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