Starting An Online Backup Service in Today’s Economy – a Free Whitepaper

Our free white paper discusses the state of the industry from the inside perspective of an industry expert, Rob Cosgrove. It explains why the current economic environment is perfect for Online Backup startups, and gives insight into the costs and profit potential of the business.

With very recent survey results from MSPs who offer Online Backup Services, this report discusses pricing plans and the competitive landscape.


  • Technology spending is increasing but hiring is not keeping pace among the most lucrative market segment for Online Backup services – SMBs.┬áMore new SMBs than average are being started now.
  • SMBs will purchase more servers in the near future.
  • More technology and fewer in-house resources to manage it creates a vacuum for MSPs to fill with premium outsourced services.
  • Online Backup helps MSPs retain customers and attract new ones.
  • Cheap commodity backup services cannot compete with full service MSPs, but their advertising is very good for business.
  • Pricing for full service Online Backup Services is far higher than $5/month.
  • It is inexpensive to start an Online Backup Service, and high profit is possible with very fast ROI.

About The Author

Rob Cosgrove /

Rob Cosgrove is President of Remote Backup Systems, developers of the fully brandable RBackup Online Backup software platform, powering more than 9,500 Service Providers, MSPs and VARs wordwide since 1987. He is the founder of the Online Backup industry and author of several books, the most recent, "The Online Backup Guide for Service Providers", available at and bookstores.