“We’re Still Here,” says a Relieved Australia, “Now, how about another beer?”


RBS is happy to report that as of 2:30 AM December 21, 2012 Sydney time, our servers in Australia and New Zealand are still online. This, despite widespread reports that the world will end.

“We’re Still Here!”

Just to be sure, though, we have checked live web cams throughout December 21, and have found them online. We also listened to some live streaming radio from the affected area. So we’re pretty sure it’s still there.

“Well, I guess we won’t have to activate our Global Disaster Plan,” lamented Rob Cosgrove, CEO of Remote Backup Systems in Memphis, TN, “I was kind of looking forward to stress-testing that.”

“But, the webcams do not show boiling seas and meteors raining down from fire-red skies,” Cosgrove said.

But Cosgrove still has a few hours left before December 21 comes to Memphis.

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