NEW Product Announcement – Online Backup Estimator for Business Use

Brand this Online Backup Estimator with your own company name. Post it on your website for your customers to download. Use this as a valuable market tool.

(Requires RBackup, at least version 11.2)

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Updates and Upgrades are for registered users with active Maintenance Subscriptions. In order to use these downloads you must have purchased the software, and your Maintenance Subscription must be current.

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The Online Backup Estimator will estimate the size of a full backup and subsequent daily backups and the time required to send them to your Online Backup Server, based on the current upload speed of the Internet connection. It scans the file system using the Best Practices for Include and Exclude settings as defined in Rob Cosgrove’s Online Backup Guide for Service Providers published by Remote Backup Systems.

After the scan is complete you can view the files selected by clicking one of the View Files buttons. Use the Online Backup Estimator to fine tune your Include/Exclude settings.

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