Online Backup Best Practices for Client Setup Webinar a Success, View it Online

Yesterday’s Webinar on Best Practices for setup of the RBackup Client Software was a success. Eighty one people registered for it, and 52 showed up to participate. 

This Webinar is a wide-ranging discussion about Best Practices for setting up the Client software to properly back up end user data under various conditions and user requirements. It includes suggestions about file selections, retention settings, encryption keys, and much more. It is highly interactive, and includes many questions from attendees with answers by Rob and Pinku.

You can view the Webinar here in Windows Media Player.

Here are some links that were used during the Webinar. They contain further information and important Best Practices resources and articles:

Best Practices Article Series

Online Backup Estimator

Online Calculators

Best Practices Documents

KB Article: Creating Backup Sets



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