Try Out this Cool Image Backup Script


Rob and Guru have been working on a little side project that we think you might find useful. It’s a command script that you can run from RBackup using the pre- and post-backup batch files. It performs an automated full image backup through NTBackup or WBAdmin, depending on the operating system.

The script detects the operating system and provides feedback to a calling program through a text file. It works for all Windows operating systems from XP to Windows Server 2011, and sends its backups to a local drive or network location.

It’s just a batch file, so you can edit it yourself and experiment.

You will find the file in the Partner’s Forum under General Technical Discussion. Everyone with an active Maintenance Subscription has access to the Partner’s Forum. The thread is called “Free Batch File to do Image Backups.”

Just log in here. If you have forgotten your password, there’s a link for “I forgot my password.” If you forgot your login name, email Stephanie for it. Please tell us what you think about our script, and offer suggestions on how to improve it. Better yet, make changes yourself and post them back to the Forum for others!


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