In a January 31 announcement on its website, Mozy’s President, Harel Kodesh, finally admitted defeat by halting Mozy’s unsustainable Unlimited backup plan. But he didn’t go down without taking an uncharacteristic desperate swing at competitors, alive and dead. After I read the article my first thought was, “Something is wrong over at Mozy.”

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Recent statistics from SmartBrief on social media marketing reveal the urgent need for companies to define a measurable social media strategy and manage to it:

• 20% of companies have started to use social media in the past 13 to 18 months

• 94.1% of companies are using social media for brand-building, as compared to 49% who indicated they use social media for new business and lead generation

• Companies still don’t know how to manage social media and whether or not it is effective (only 14.7% reported they measure ROI)

• There is a low-level of confidence in social media strategies, with only 7.3% of companies describing their strategy as revenue-generating

Either we get better at it with time or we get used to the feeling of uncertainty, but around the 2-year mark, companies begin to express confidence in their use of social media. Hopefully no damage has been done in the meantime.

What did we take away from SmartBrief’s report? If 2010 was the year for adoption of social media, then 2011 must be the year we learn how to manage it. Like any other initiative, social media’s success depends on accountability to a well-thought out strategy.

So for the 33.3% of SmartBrief’s respondents who said they are NOT the social media decision maker in their organization, we ask: who is?

It’s time to figure it out.

Download your complimentary copy of SmartBrief’s State of Social Media for Business: Select Themes 2010 white paper today.

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The survey shows that most small Online Backup Service Providers service only Business computers (not Personal computers,) and store between five and fifty gigabytes of compressed data per computer. Because of compression and deduplication the amount of data stored on the Service Provider’s drives is roughly equivalent to one third to one half the size of the data on the customer’s computer.

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